Tuesday, 15 September 2015



Dipak Narshibhai Patel: (born 25 October 1958) he was a New Zealand cricketer. He had play test cricket and he left worcestershire to emigrate to New Zealand. He was a middle order batsman. He had played for Auckland, and so his graduation to the Teast team was. His batting was held back by a lack of concentration when set, a lack of confidence and a few bad decisions early in his career. after he was run out for 99 in what would have been his only Test century, his second string off spin gradually assumed the ascendencey, particularly in the limited overs form of the game. World Cup in the 1992, he was used sensationally as an opening bowler,initially against australia in an attempt to counteract the tactic of hitting over the in field during the first 15 overs. Patel is a off spinner bowler, he had slower looping variety but usually without much turn.

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